Commencal Finishes the Season in La Bresse

Weather gets the best of the race

Video by COMMENCAL/VALLNORD By Riding Addiction

UCI’s last stop before World Championships in La Bresse, France, started with dry conditions for practice, quickly eroding into sheets of rain. And it didn’t stop. It was the first truly rainy race since Mont-Sainte-Anne last year, and it was one for the books—although maybe not one for Commencal. Throughout the year, Commencal has been the most dominate gravity team on the UCI circuit. Myriam Nicole started the season strong, but ended up crashing mid-season and missing a race. Nonetheless, she finished third in La Bresse and fifth overall.

Amaury Pierron was the breakout star of the season, winning three World Cups in a row. He looked to be on a winning run in La Bresse as well, until a last grassy, greasy corner got the best of him and took him out. He still went home with the overall win for the season.

Thibaut Daprela also had an incredible season as a junior. He won La Bresse and four other World Cups, resulting in first overall.

So despite La Bresse being hit and miss for Commencal, it was a big celebration and an incredible end to the season.


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