Coastal Crew and Anthill Films Join Forces to Create SecondBase Films

SecondBase Film's first video, Iside Out, is set to be released this fall.

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The Coastal Crew has taken one large step into the world of filmmaking by teaming up with Anthill Films to produce its first feature mountain bike film. The collaboration is called SecondBase Films. By meshing its rider perspectives with Anthillʼs long-time experience and success, SecondBase Films is excited to present ʻfrom the Inside Outʼ.

ʻInside Outʼ will be the first film in a new annual series that will give an inside look at the influences and people that have shaped the Coastal Crew as riders, builders and cinematographers. The film will be a candid look into the Costal Crew’s vision of freeride mountain biking and the way it has inspired them. Through the film, viewers will be brought along on the adventures as the Costal Crew visit the locations that they’ve always wanted to ride and create the lines that express thier vision of the sport. This will be a film from the riders themselves to show what true freeride mountain biking is.

In addition to the Coastal Crew – Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Kyle Norbraten – the film will feature: Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins and Kenny Smith.

The riders from ʻInside Outʼ are going bring you into the locations that fire them up to ride! The film will explore the diverse, natural terrain of British Columbia taking on new zones that reek of high potential and revisiting iconic locations from the past. There are many lines that have been scouted over the past few years but have remained untapped until the time was right…and now that time has come. The film will include segments from: the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Whistler, Shuswap, Fernie, Rossland, Squamish, Vancouver Island and Kamloops.

ʻInside Outʼ is set to be released Fall 2011 on DVD, BluRay and digital download. Keep up to date with our travels and progress throughout the season by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, watch for iconic still images from the film by Nicolas Teichrob and Sterling Lorence who will be on set with SecondBase Films for most shoots.