Bullet meet sunglasses. Sunglasses meet bullet.

A different take on evaluating eyewear.

By Vernon Felton

What level of eye protection is necessary for mountain biking?

Chances are you probably never gave the question much thought. The average cyclist is content with the thought that his sunglasses keep glare at bay, fend off the random, errant bumble-bee and, may or may not make them look more like a human cyborg and less like a grown man pedaling about in a lime-green body suit.

Eye protection, in truth, is often the last thing on a rider's mind, which seems kind of odd until you remember that, well, it's not like your sunglasses are struck by .22 caliber bullets on your garden variety Sunday morning pedal around the park.

Interestingly, the guys at Luckygunner.com (an online ammo dealer) took a look at how sunglasses fared when actually struck by bullets. Is this over the top? Yes. Is it kind of ridiculous to liken the impact of a bullet to that of a bumble bee? Yes. Is it also kind of cool to see how popular sunglasses fared after getting drilled by live ammunition? Hell, yes.

For the record, the luckygunner testing protocol is impressively thorough, quite rigorous and, well, it's just fun to see what happens to a pair of expensive Oakleys when a .22 caliber round smacks into them at more than a thousand feet per second.

Check out the video below.

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