Trailbuilders are the best of us. They make what we do possible. And they do it for fun. #trailbuildersforcongress2018

But in all seriousness, most trailbuilders go out and dig in the dirt as volunteers. The Ozark Off Road Cyclists (OORC) is an exemplary group of trailbuilders, as we found out during our 2017 Bible of Bike Tests. The work OORC does benefits the entire community. The success of OORC revolves around three guiding tenets:

Come play in the dirt. OORC makes sure that volunteer opportunities are fun and family friendly. You aren’t working in the dirt, you are playing in the dirt. It is a big kid’s sandbox.

Build what you ride. Take ownership of ‘your’ trail. You made it and should be proud of it. Keep it in good working order so others can enjoy it too.

Leave a legacy. Trailbuilding makes a lasting impact. It makes trails you can enjoy, your kids can enjoy and maybe their kids too.

Lets all be more like OORC.