Brett Rheeder first rode a bike when he was four years old. He managed to ride from one end of his driveway to the other. That driveway was in Ontario, Canada, where mountains don’t exist. For him to become a mountain bike phenom was unlikely, to say the least. Yet that’s exactly what he did. And he was able to do it by turning his backyard into a maze of dirt jumps and wooden structures that would make an OSHA representative have a heart attack.

Rheeder started competing in slopestyle competitions in 2009, and was quickly noticed. The 23-year-old has now finished first in almost every major slopestyle event in the world. And he’s worked hard to get there. Watch this first episode to see how Rheeder became one of the best in the business, and keep an eye out for part two coming soon.


Brett Rheeder Puts On A Smoke Show

RedBull Joyride – Slopestyle’s Ultimate Showdown