After a long point-to-point on day four, riders were in for another one-way trip on day five, albeit slightly shorter. Day five of the BCBR mixed road climbs and singletrack descents for a total of 49 kilometers (30 miles) and 1,403 meters of climbing (4,603 feet).

After four days of all-day riding, racers were worked, but day five gave them something to look forward to: a nine kilometer, uninterrupted, swooping and berm-filled gem known as HWY 102, a decisive descent.

The road climb before HWY 102 had Francois Bailly-Maitre, Karl Platt and Jeremiah Bishop jockeying for position, but once on trail, it was the French enduro rider Bailly-Maitre who took the glory. Two minutes behind was Platt, followed closely by Bishop. Geoff Kabush hung in for fourth place.

With day five in the books, riders are already thinking of 18 kilometer (11 mile) day six—the shortest stage of the week. But 18 kilometers can feel like much more, especially when riding the notorious North Shore.