From Karin Pasterer on Vimeo.

Both YT Industries riders Nina Fahrner and Karin Pasterer were seriously injured after hard crashes in the middle of the 2013 season. One year later Nina Fahrner and Karin Pasterer put together this video with videographer Patrick Meraner, having come back after months of painful work they are now having fun on a bike again!

Nina Fahrner
“In July 2013, in the middle of the downhill season, I had a crash due to inattention which ended my season abruptly. I was in Neukirchen/Austria for some filming and at the end of the day my front wheel got stuck in a root. Due to that, I crashed hard on my hip and broke my pubic bone. In addition to this my pubic symphysis, which connects the two pubic bones, was ripped and my inguinal was nearly torn apart. After four months of painful physical therapy I was able to do some easy enduro trips and start training again. 10 months later, just in time, I was ready to ride my downhill bike again.”

Karin Pasterer
“My accident happened in August 2013 during a bike holiday in Chatel. On the third day of my holiday I jumped a roadgap. After a good landing I failed to notice a chuckhole which was the reason why I slipped off my handlebar. Headfirst I crashed into the hard ground and broke my 7th cervical vertebra twice. I went down to the middle station of the lift by bike and to the bottom station by gondola. At the bottom I recognized my body is not fully operative and I decided to call the ambulance. In the hospital I heard the bad news: No biking for the next 3 years at least. I was devastated and the next months won’t be easy. I’ve worn a cervical collar for three months and was not able to do any sports for 8 months. 8 months later – one week before the first race of the season in Maribor, Slovenia – I did my first try on a Downhill Bike again. It felt scary but awesome. The result of the race was expectedly shitty but at least I was back on my bike two years earlier than expected!”