Teva Mountain Games Slopestyle Report

Multimedia report from the 10th annual TMG in Vail

Story and photos by Tim Mutrie

Mike Montgomery won the 2011 Teva Mountain Games' slopestyle Friday night in Vail with tricks like this one (720) on the final jump of the course. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Check out Mike Montgomery’s first place run:

Paul Basagoitia finished second in the slopestyle based on his first run, here. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Basagoitia waves to the crowd en route to the top of the course for Run 2 of the finals. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Basagoitia went for a double-flip on the final hit of Run 2, which unfortunately ended badly. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Under-rotating, Basagoitia hit hard and was knocked unconscious, for about five minutes. After leaving the venue on a backboard and cart, he was treated at the Vail Valley Medical Center for a concussion, according to officials. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Anthony Messere, the 15-year-old bronze medalist, bent his rim on Run 2 of the finals. Here, he gets some help trueing things up from some new friends in the pits before heading back out for the Big Air session. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Messere then earned the $1,000 prize for the Big Air session with steeze like this. Photo: Tim Mutrie

Final TMG Slopestyle Results here "