5 Minute Break: Steve Smith and Ian Morrison Ride Pemberton, British Columbia

Two of Devinci's sponsored riders ripping some of B.C.'s tacky dirt.

Source: Devinci Cycles
Photos: Mikey Goldstein (unless otherwise noted)

World Cup racing takes Devinci Global Racing rider Steve Smith far afield. He has been to Chile, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and has crisscrossed Europe from boot to mullet. While abroad, Smith constantly hears about, and misses, all the amazing riding at home, in British Columbia. Early in the 2012 season during Devinci Global Racing team discussions, he mentioned B.C.'s epic terrain, trying to sneak in some riding time here during the season.

The month-long break in the World Cup schedule was the perfect time for Smith to get reacquainted with his home trails.

Springtime in Pemberton is the time, as Tacky "hero dirt" is out and ready to be hit before it expires and the desert-like conditions take over in the summer.

Photo: Ian Morrison

With Whistler bike park opening on the Canadian May long weekend, local shredder and Devinci ambassador, Ian Morrison, was looking to sharpen his skills--preparing for the upcoming Wednesday beer-league races. Morrison is known as the "Scrub Master." He finished sixth in the 2011 Crankworx Air DH, A-line event, solidifying his reputation. At home, he's a style-driven rider focused on beer-league race scene domination. When Morrison was asked to do some early-season riding with Smith, it was on.

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