5 Minute Break: Paul Basagoitia Lands First Natural Terrain Double Backflip

Source: Teva

Taking place just outside Page, Arizona, Paul Basagoitia is the first mountain biker to land a natural terrain double backflip. Basagoitia's accomplishment is one he's been working on for years.

"It felt great when my wheels touch the ground because I don't think my body could have handled another hit," says Basagoitia. "It wasn't easy, I knocked myself out a couple times, but I finally accomplished what I've been trying to do for years."

Here’s what extreme sports legend, Travis Pastrana had to say about Paul's jump:

“The double back flip isn’t the most technical trick but it takes a lot of airtime and even more commitment. Once you leave the take-off, there is no turning back and no way to bail out. Paul has guts and it’s great to see that he’s pushing the limits."