2014 Bible of Bike Tests Roundtable Reels: Yeti SB-75 Race

How Does Yeti's New 650b Model Stack Up Against Its 'Super Bike' Siblings?

Yeti’s new 650b ‘Super Bike’—the SB-75—holds a lot of promise, possibly hitting a sweet spot between its 26- and 29-inch-wheeled brethren. But after spending some serious trail time on the bike during our Bible of Bike Tests in Sedona, Arizona, our testers were divided on whether it is the ‘Super Star’ of the company’s venerable line. If you’re in the market for a new Yeti, you need to watch this video and read our review.


Price: $4,900
Contact: yeticycles.com
Direct Link: http://www.yeticycles.com/mobile/bike.php?bike=sb75

Final Take: The SB-75 stacks up better to many other 27.5-inch-wheeled bikes than it does to its capable 'Super Bike' siblings.

Yeti SB-75 Race

Yeti SB-75 Race

The members of Bike's editorial staff have spent thousands of hours on Yeti's 'Super Bikes' since the SB platform was unveiled almost three years ago, and the 26-inch-wheeled SB-66 and 29-inch-wheeled SB-95 have been some of our favorites during this time. Given our esteem for these two models, we were extremely curious to see how Yeti's new 27.5-inch-wheeled Super Bike—the SB-75—would compare with its Super Siblings.

I first got to ride an SB-75 during Interbike's Outdoor Demo last September, and after a few hours of ripping around the rocky trails of Nevada's Bootleg Canyon, I couldn't feel any obvious advantages over the 26-inch and 29-inch versions. I looked forward to riding the SB-75 on our Bible of Bike Tests loop, which featured steep, technical climbs and descents as well as tight switchback sections. This trail would surely expose the strengths and weaknesses of each wheel size, and should confirm whether 650b wheels are the panacea that the bike industry so desperately seeks. It would also confirm whether the SB-75 is the superlative Super Bike.

Each of us put the SB-75 through the ringer, comparing its handling traits with those of the SB-66 and SB-95—both of which were still fresh in our minds—and we couldn't come up with a compelling reason to buy the SB-75 over its proven brethren.

On burly climbs and descents, it didn't boast the same roll-over-anything manners of the SB-95. And in tight turns, it wasn't as maneuverable as the agile SB-66—though after sending it off the high-speed booters at the end of our test track, several of us noted that it did feel pretty damn nimble in the air.

As a standalone trail bike, the five-inch-travel SB-75 could hold its own against many other 27.5 offerings, but it is outshined by Yeti's 26-inch and 29-inch SB models. Brice Minnigh

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