From what we’ve heard, riding in Squamish, British Columbia sucks. Everyone that’s ever been there has told us to never visit—the weather sucks, the dirt is a horrid mix of tack with a light layer of loam, and half the trails are cop-outs that use too many rock slabs. Apparently, on some trails you spend half your time just riding rocks and ladder brides—who would want to do that? It rains all the time too, so the trails are almost always too moist to throw up proper roost in corners. To make matters worse, there are hardly any trails to ride anyway and you have to drive at least an hour to get to the nearest bike park.

For reasons beyond us, OneUp Components call Squamish home, as does EWS star Remi Gauvin. As fall takes hold, rain starts to fall in greater quantities and the soil turns into ‘hero dirt’—you know, that annoying tacky dirt that you can’t ever drift on because it’s so grippy. Remi Gauvin looks like he’s having no fun riding the trails in Squamish—absolutely no fun at all.