From Andes Pacifico:

Santa Cruz rider Mark Scott won the day with a time of 32:05 after four challenging special stages. Frenchman Francois Bailly-Maitre took second place with a time of 32:10, followed by Chilean Nico Prudencio with a time of 32:29. Jerome Clementz suffered a flat tire but still pulled off a fourth-place finish with 32:55 on the clock.

In Masters the battle is between two Chileans, Felipe Vasquez and Claus Plaut. Vasquez finished ahead of Plaut by a minute and a half, while American Michael West kept it consistent behind the two locals.

Tracy Moseley maintained her lead in the Women’s category, followed by Chilean National Champ Florencia Espiñeira, Pauline Dieffenthaler and Claire Bennett.

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