Spend Five Bucks & Win This Bike?

Buy a foot of singletrack for $5 and you could win any Santa Cruz bicycle

It's pretty simple: you donate five bucks to help grow the singletrack around Downieville and you get the chance to win any model Santa Cruz makes.

By Vernon Felton

Chances are you’ve heard about the legendary trails that surround the Sierra town of Downieville. While there’s a stunning amount of singletrack in Sierra and Plumas counties, a non-profit group, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS), has been toiling to make the singletrack network around this chunk of Northern California even better. That stuff doesn’t just crop up on its own after all.

The SBTS employs a crew of 15 full-time trail builders, and has donated over 30,000 hours of volunteer labor in order to maintain over 30 trails, and create 25 miles of new trails, for the 200,000 plus mountain bikers who ride around Downieville every year, free of charge. They, however, could use a little help. Your help. And by “help” we mean “money” because it takes time and money and sweat to make the outstanding trails we love to ride.

So, getting back to the point here, you can help make the trails around Downieville even better and simultaneously increase your odds of nabbing the bike of your dreams by visiting www.santacruzbicycles.com/5bucksafoot before October 1st and donating five bucks. Hell, you can donate 10, or 15, or 20 or as much as you want–each five dollar increase in donations increases your odds of getting a new bike. Or to quote directly from the press release, “The more feet of trail you buy, the more times your name is entered and the greater chance you'll have of winning!”

Kudos to Santa Cruz Bicycles, Fox, Shimano and Enve for pulling together to make this contest happen.

Santa Cruz Bicycles will be drawing the winner’s name out of a goldfish bowl, or urn or really massive vase (actually, I have no idea what kind of receptacle they’ll be using, but you get the idea) on October 1st, so get your philanthropic groove on now.