New at Fox Racing Shox

Fox has a new naming system, more Kashima forks and revamped rear shocks.

Perhaps the most notable news at Fox is its naming system for the suspension line. For 2012 Fox will have three performance levels for its forks–Evolution, Performance and Factory. Evolution represents Fox’s entry level forks and Factory represents the top tier.

Aside from its new naming systems, Fox added its Kashima coating to even more of its forks and started applying it to its rear shocks as well.

For 2012 the Factory line of forks will all receive the slippery Kashima coating.

Fox’s top-end rear shocks are now Kashima coated as well. Less friction means smoother action and less heat–both good things.

Fox’s labeling is made to match the Kashima coating.

The new RP23’s ProPedal system makes it so the engaged setting is always at the “3” level, and the unengaged setting is either “0, 1 or 2” settings (the black dial).

Fox is making longer travel TALAS 29ers…

…adjustable from 140 to 110 millimeters.