6-12-07 // Let the Navel Gazing Commence!!

With this the inaugural blog post here on the BikeMag blog, we thought we’d set the bar right where we want it—not too, too high, not too low. It’s more of a catch-all, really. Stuff that we see, hear, read about or just stumble on that maybe won’t make it into the magazine and isn’t worth following up with a web post, per se, but that still may be worth blogging about. I guess it’s sort of like the gutter…

And while we have the message boards and appreciate those hardy souls that keep them populated (thanks again, mom) we hope this here blog will be another way to generate some user/reader/web site visitor feedback.

So without further ado, I present you with the latest from Raleigh/Diamondback. When we got a Diamondback Mission 3 in for test a few months back it came with a bent rotor. Thinking quickly, Diamondback rep Trevor Knesal MacGyvered up this handy-dandy rotor shipping device to get us out a replacement rotor—STAT.


I Sh*& you not, he taped a rotor to this random 15-pound plaque and probably paid 20 bucks to ship it to us. Probably the straightest rotor I’ve ever seen. Thanks Trevor!

The review of the Mission 3, by the way, is in the upcoming July issue, hitting newsstands soon, and subscribers’ doors even sooner.

(And Trevor: Bike’s on it’s way back. Promise. Just trying to dig up a motorcycle crate to ship it in…)