Hermosa Tours’ Guide-Less Supported Colorado Trail MTB Tour

A trip package out of the normal bike tour mold as you know it.

There are few things like doing an unsupported tour with buddies. That said, there are few things that suck more than trying to drag coolers of beer and food to each stop on the way. Hermosa Tours saw this problem and came up with a solution. The tour company set up a four-day unsupported tour, in which riders follow 75 miles of Colorado Trail to designated campsites along the way. Each day Hermosa Tours will have all the riders’ coolers of food and drinks (purchased by the riders), tents, firewood, chairs, toilet, kitchen and pretty much everything else waiting for them. The guides will not be involved any further than that really.

Included in the trip:
Shuttle to Molas Pass to start
General camp gear from Ready Camp (10'x20' popup tent, full kitchen, cooking/eating utensils, dry firewood, camp chairs, camp toilet)
Camp/gear relocation each day including trash removal

Not Included
Overnight support – you're on your own.
Alcoholic Beverages – Hermosa Tours can haul and keep them cold though.
Food shopping – you must plan and shop for your own menu.
Lodging and transportation before and after the trip.
Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own.
Bikes – Though, Hermosa Tours can rent you a full-suspension bike for the week.
Guides – Though, Hermosa Tours can arrange a day guide for you each day

The tour costs: $295 per person ($25 or which goes to the Colorado Trail Foundation). More information at www.hermosatours.net/colorado-mountain-bike-tours/coloradotrail_mountain-bike-tours.html