Photos by Anthony Smith and Ryan LaBar
Video by the Alpha Squirrel
Words by Brice Minnigh and the Wounded Apparatchiks

Bike magazine is not only flabbergasted, but we continue to be Blinded by Science.

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Norco’s Dustan Sept thinks this Science might put him out of a job.

Josh Bender's beloved dog June doesn't like where the Sh*tbike's beam is headed.

The Sh*tbike was not the only scraper at the venue.

Sea Otter or Ocean Weasel? Your guess is as good as ours.

A cougar goes in for the kill.

The stairs were the hardest part for this child prodigy. All hail the 2021 jump jam king.

Sam Dueck might not be a Devo fan, but he sure can 'whip it good.'

Speed. Style. Not your average backyard pump track. But this sure is one lame-ass caption.

Look alive ladies--it's the Alpha Squirrel.

Even Alpha Squirrels must mind their tails.

An enterprising young local found our missing lime: Baja Fog anyone?