Bike Mag’s Booth with a View

College Cyclery’s Rain or Shine Jump Jam.

Photos by Anthony Smith
Words by Brice Minnigh (and the rehabilitated Commissariat)

Justin Wyper's take on a Bike magazine Buzz gallery shot—literally buzzing his helmet.

Step One: Don your Canadian tuxedo. Step Two: Get flat.

Yes, it's a no-hander. Yes, it's fully stretched. And yes, Bender (bottom left) still had something to say about it.

Andrew Taylor is no one-trick pony—so why not play chicken with the lip?

Get a clean sweep down, fore and aft—then carry all garbage to the fantail to be dumped.

Sam Dueck, upside down, as close as you can get to a dead cat. No matter what your wheel size, you should be taking notes.

Just 'cause the big dogs were sending it on the big jumps was no reason for the little pups to stay on the porch.

Randy prepares to sing the Star 'Spangler'ed Banner.

It's the Top Five, gentlemen. Five hundred to the winner. Who's buying drinks? Oh wait, is anyone 21?

We were all set up for the money shot. But on the final run, the flock opted for tuck no-handers, so we give you a shot of the steezier black sheep.