A Glimpse into Sea Otter’s Dual-Slalom Duels

American flags, big-ass berms and some dude in a banana suit.

Photos by Anthony Smith
Words by Brice Minnigh

Jitters are gone once you're out of the gate.

Brian Lopes, known for his "Lazer"-sharp focus, hones his sights on a podium finish.

Jared Graves prepares to flog his beloved Sasquatch. And flog it he did, all the way to victory.

Mom, God and Apple Pie?

America...fuck yeah! Send it!

Graves started at Number One and never budged. Note the knob-end in the upper-left corner: "Roost my Banana?" WTF?

If you see Graves in the pub, beers are on him--he's holding a pocket full of twenties after winning all of his runs.

Lopes definitely does not like being Number Two.

Graves and Lopes, chomping at the bit like two thoroughbreds at the Kentucky Derby.

Twenty-one and built for fun--unless you're Number Two.