8-9-07 // Rider Down…


Photographers may have a reputation of living life safely behind the lens, but mountain bike shooters are constantly throwing themselves in the line of fire, riding the same gnarly trails as pro riders, often with 35 pounds of cumbersome camera gear strapped to their backs.
Most of the time, it's the pro riders who suffer the worst injuries. But not always. Bike Mag photographer Stephen Wilde took a nasty digger while shooting a recent road trip through the Northwest. This fleshwound required a quick trip to the emergency room and 12 stitches to put back together.
Funny thing though, Stephen had nearly completed riding a pretty rowdy trail and would go on to ride the Shore and Whistler for several days without incident. The culprit here? A dropped chain on a flat section of trail that sent Steven flying into a natural depression filled with rocks, old 2X4s and, adding insult to injury, a healthy patch of poison oak.
Heal well, Stephen.