11 Questions

Adrian Montgomery

Adrian works for Scott Bicycles.

This is Adrian. 'Nuff said.

1 — Describe the perfect hamburger.

The perfect hamburger is the one your holding, because anytime you have one in your hands the scenario is perfect. My favorite is the 1/3lb organic, grass fed beef prepared medium on a grilled challah bun with mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and homemade ketchup offered at the Power House in my town, Hailey. Must be accompanied by a strong Belgian. Beer that is…


2 — Who are your heroes or role models?

I've always admired John Tomac as rider and a professional. I want to ride my moto like James Stewart, though off track not he's really a role model or hero.

3 — What would you be doing if you never discovered bikes?

I think I grew up in an era where discovering a bike was unavoidable. It's more likely that kids nowadays could avoid a bike same as they've avoided any form of exercise or human powered mobility. The Burbs are full of streets with no bike lanes or sidewalks and humanoids are transported via SUV to school and the Mall because the streets are "Too Dangerous" for the youth. My first bike was a restored Sting Ray, and it was provided to me at such a young age that there isn't a possibility of life without the bike.

4 — Where is the most interesting place on earth?

Zermatt, Switzerland. It is believed that the continent of Africa split from Europe at this location in the Alps, and there are hundreds of natural wonders that occur only here. There are no cars allowed in the town, and people are carried via electric taxi's. The mountains are completely connected via telecabine and bike friendly lifts so that you can enjoy a high alpine bike or snow adventure anytime. Plus, the Matterhorn is truly interesting to the point where you continually take pictures of the rock while visiting.

5 — Who is your favorite musician or band (right now)?

I am digging Crystal Castles right now.

6 — What was your first bike?

Answered in question #3. My current bikes are all SCOTT, they include a Spark, a genius LT, a Gambler, a Voltage and Voltage FR, and an Addict.

7 — If you could play any instrument, what would it be?

The accordian, that way I can retire at a ski resort and wear wool clothes and a funny hat and play all day for tips.

8 — Who do you think is the best bike rider of all time?

Johnny T, see question #2.

9 — What is on the perfect pizza?

I'm really a fan of pepperoni, mushroom and olive with garlic. Thin crust.

10 — If you could have coffee and conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Evel Kneivel. I want to know more about the Sky Cycle.

11 —Describe yourself in three words.

Always Keen 2Schralp

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