11 Questions – Sterling Lorence

Bike magazine’s senior photographer, Sterling Lorence tackles the 11 Questions.

Sterling Lorence resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. His first photographs to make their way past Bike's photo editor were back in 1997. Since then, his work has graced multiple covers and his photos have become synonymous with outstanding mountain bike photography. Sterling is proud to be one of the few photographers to spend all year shooting bikes, instead of disappearing "when the snow flakes fall."

1 — Describe the perfect hamburger.
Line caught fresh halibut, grilled on the BBQ, drizzled with some lime. Smoked chipotle mayo, with a slice of fresh tomato on toasted bun, fresh lettuce for crunch factor and some sweaty old white cheddar. Yes, fries too and beer.

2 — Who are your heroes or role models?
All my family and friends are my heroes and role models.

3 — What would you be doing if you never discovered bikes?
During my pursuit of photography in my early twenties, I attained a double major degree in environmental geography at the University of Victoria. If Bike Magazine’s photo editor, Dave Reddick, never helped launch my photography career as much as he has over the years, I would have pursued a career alongside my areas of study which would be to restore river habitats so that salmon, trout, and the entire river ecosystems could flourish.

4 — Where is the most interesting place on earth?

5 — Who is your favorite musician or band (right now)?
I love music and listen as much as possible…so it changes frequently based on moods and place. But, these days, if I am scrolling through the iPod, I most often stop at The Black Keys. They are today’s classic rock and have a great sound.

6 — What was your first bike?
When I was a micro grom, I had a three-wheeler called a Twinkie. It had three 20-inch thin road-like wheels, and I spent most of my time trying to get it over onto two wheels. No way I had a helmet on back then… (What’s up mom?)

7 — If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
I have played the drums, and I can play the saxophone. Played the sax in my high school band.

8 — Who do you think is the best bike rider of all time?
As a photographer, I have been lucky to work with some amazing riders of our generation. I am honored to be able to say that I have been on 8-10 epic rides with Jonny Tomac (thanks Joel Smith!) and am always floored at his skill set. He has it all and can do it all so well. His technical climbing prowess is un-matched to any rider I've ever seen. It’s like he’s on a trials motorbike. His accomplishments in MTB and road racing speak for themselves. There needs to be a mega avalanche race on the Alpe d’Huez where the riders start and finish in the valley below. My money is on John Tomac.

9 — What is on the perfect pizza?
Thin forno-baked crust that has pesto, grilled chicken, mushrooms, goat cheese, roasted garlic, caramelized onion and maybe a few artichoke hearts.

10 — If you could have coffee and conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Maybe a CEO of GM, Ford, or Chrysler? It seems so obvious as to what cars they should have been making, and the type of vehicles that our generation need and want instead of promoting junk like the Hummer and Hemis. The demise of those companies was obvious.

11 — Describe yourself in three words.
Energetic, passionate, committed.