The Breck Epic has three rules: Don’t be a dick, wear your helmet and don’t litter. Translate that to what it means for the riders and you’ll find a stage race that is all about having a good time, taking part in sufferfest days and not worrying too much about the competition. It’s a celebration of mountain biking, Colorado and sustainable recreation in the outdoors. Don’t let the jovial attitude fool you though—this is not an easy race.

The Breck Epic takes place over six days on trails surrounding Breckenridge, Colorado. Each day starts and ends in town at 9,600 feet. The elevation is not for the unprepared. In general, the race is between 220 and 240 miles total, with around 40,000 feet of elevation gain. Take a closer look and you will see the shortest stage (day six)  is 30 miles and 4,800 feet, while the longest stage (day four) is 44 miles and 6,300 feet. If that doesn’t make your legs rubbery, days two and three consist of 7,200 feet and 8,100 feet, respectively. Not convinced it sounds like fun? If you finish, you get a big belt buckle with some choice words on it as a prize. And if that doesn’t convince you to sign up, I don’t know what will.

2018 was the 10th annual Breck Epic, and it went off without a hitch. Instead of making you wade through a bunch of text, Breck Epic made a series of videos that represents the 2018 course nicely. Check them out below. Want more personal stories? Head to the Breck Epic YouTube Channel and watch the “Epic Story Time” installments. Think you want to try your hand at earning the belt buckle? Spots for 2019 are on sale here.

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Stage Four

Stage Five

Stage Six