Marin Bikes partnered with Red Bull/Marin athlete Matt Jones for the category-bridging San Quentin alloy hardtail intended to tackle both technical trail and the local jumps. The San Quentin combines a 65-degree headtube angle with a 75-degree seat tube and 425-millimeter chainstays. Throw in a roomy reach measurement and 2.6-inch tire compatibility and presto! All necessary ingredients to trail-shreddery.

San Quentin hardtails will range in price from $849 as pictured with the green San Quentin 1 hardtail to $1849 for the tan San Quentin 3. The San Quentin 2, not on display at Sea Otter, will split the price difference.

The rationale behind the San Quentin’s development ties back to Matt Jones’ introduction to riding mountain bikes. Many of us first find ourselves aboard hardtails before graduating on to full suspensions and pricier endeavors. Hardtails bring value; their cost is often sub-cringeworthy. One can thankfully recommend a hardtail to a friend considering ‘getting into riding’ without feeling as though unintentionally throwing in a snobbish jab of backhanded socio-economic elitism when attempting to justify the price of carbon short-linked enduro rigs. They’re the people’s mountain bike and that’s just great.

Marin spec’ed bars with ample rise, nodding to dirt jump usage with a nice attention to detail.

Matt Jones’ attributes his success, opportunity and ability to travel the globe to hardtail’s accessibility to the masses. They were his introduction, he hopes others will find their passion too. With a blend of dirt-jump capability, new-age trail geometry and 2.6-inch compatibility, riders can follow the hardtail path, wherever it leads them.

Shimano hydraulic brakes, even on the $849 San Quentin 1 model.

The $849 San Quentin 1 uses a Boost 141 rear axle (the same span as Boost 148 but in a more cost-effective-quick-release manner), has provisions for dropper routing, runs a Shimano drivetrain and still manages to sneak Shimano hydraulic brakes into the equation. A chainguide is thoughtfully included as the price prohibits a narrow-wide 1x-specific ring.

Dropper provisions and a chainguide.

The $1849 San Quentin 3 caters to those knowing their needs. It arrives with a 35-millimeter-stanchioned RockShox Revelation RC with 130 millimeters of travel, a no-nonsense Shimano SLX drivetrain and even ships with cooling fins in its calipers. Cavernous 36-millimeter-inner-rim-width-tubeless-compatible rims make moving from the stock 2.35-inch tires to 2.6-inch an easy transition.

The alloy, ready-for-anything hardtails will be available this summer.

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