Nicholi Rogatkin proved that he’s one of the toughest, or at least luckiest, competitors at Rampage yesterday. Braking into one of three consecutive drops in his line, his front wheel washed out and sent him tumbling off a cliff. Incredibly, Rogatkin got up and walked around before hopping right back on his bike and completing his run, which included jumping the massive canyon gap. He even backflipped the last jump before rolling into the finish zone.

“When I tried to slow down, my front wheel washed out the wrong way and sent me flying down a cliff. While I was tumbling down this cliff, I was just waiting to go unconscious,” said Rogatkin. “Medics ran over to me, and I just got up and started walking around. Grabbed my bike, adjusted my helmet–which was pretty mangled from the tumble–and just dropped in and finished the run.”

Nicholi Rogatkin Cliff Fall
Rogatkin, walking it off.


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