During the first session, just as most of the riders were getting warmed up, Jordie Lunn abruptly picked up the tempo with a massive Cork 720 that the other riders couldn't fend off. Despite valiant efforts by the likes of Martin Soderstrom—who nearly sacrificed his nuts in an excruciating landing that introduced his family jewels to his toptube—Jordie's move couldn't be topped, and he walked away with a cool $4,000.

In the second session, Tom van Steenbergen cemented his $4,000 cerveza slush fund with a front flip tuck no-hander that left the crowd so awestruck that all they could do was crack open more beers and bask in the glory of the BC summer dusk.

But words can't do this event justice, so here are some images to give a glimpse of what it was all about.

Field of dreams and aluminum beams. The shuttle consists of a balmy push back to the top. Time to get rad, lads.

If this crew was this captivated before their run, imagine what was yet to come.

Yannick Granieri contemplates the essence of speed, style and substance.

Need a quick four grand? Get this corked between the lip and wherever you land. Jordie Lunn, on his way to the bank.

This has to be the most creative way we've ever seen to cut the lift line.

Tom van Steenbergen makes sure you remember his name.

Glen Plake wishes he had hair like Kelly McGarry's.

Obsessed with success. Martin Soderstrom was painfully aware that victory was just within his grasp.

Jamie Goldman started this run at the top of the mountain on his DH bike…clearly stretching his legs after one long-ass descent.

You might get your hundred dollars, but is it really worth running the media gauntlet?

Four thousand dollars might even put a dent in Jordie Lunn's victory party bar tab at the GLC….