2011 BC Bike Race Wrap Up

Overview on the events from stages 5-7.

Source: BC Bike Race

Stage 5 was perhaps the most significant, as it held the final overall position changes for the top five solo racers. This stage, which traversed from Sechelt to Langdale, not only saw Neal Kindree switch places with Cory Wallace for third and fourth places, but also saw Blake Harlan creep up into fifth position overall.

While Stage 6 (Squamish) perhaps saw the most exciting sprint finish in BCBR history, a four-man bout between Kris Sneddon, Jason Segar, Barry Wicks and Neal Kindree), Stage 7 (Whistler) saw the most surprising results. Gravity star Brian Lopes took second on the day with Neal Kindree besting him by about 2 minutes.

The top overall solo-category racers:
1. Chris Sheppard – 10:26:12
2. Jason Sager – 10:41:01
3. Neal Kindree – 10:55:49
4. Cory Wallace – 10:53:58
5. Blake Harlan – 11:16:51

12. Brian Lopes

Lopes lands on the podium in second place on Stage 7, the Whistler course.