Weekenders is an occasional series celebrating the potential of those magical days somewhere between Friday and Monday.

I’ve only spent 23 springtimes in Northern California, but this year felt like the greenest I’ve seen its life-giving hills. This might have something to do with my newly-adopted dusty Southern California home (didn’t Einstein say it’s all relative?), but either way, its vibrancy was amplified, turned up to 11. Everything radiated life, and the pace of the two days I’d carved out to soak it in matched the growing ambition of spring’s resurgence. Chasing familiar singletrack, old friends, paws, hooves, hero dirt and golden light while shirking poison oak, ticks and stinging nettle—this was 48 hours in Northern California.

Day one was a little bit of everything: ripping wheel-to-wheel down steep loamers, straight into sharing wide-open ridgelines with four hooves and a riding buddy on a much more expensive saddle. Northern California gets a bad rap when it comes to trail relations between different user groups, but at the end of the day (literally in this case) we’re all out there for the same reasons, and it was refreshing to so closely share a trail and a pastel sunset.

Often, weekends like this mean spreading out the bedrolls in the back of the car—resting and rising with the sun—but this was formerly home turf and there were some required evening activities to enjoy before retiring to familiar bedrooms. Still, the two days I had was a tight window, so it was the usual sunrise wakeup call in order to make the most of every vibrant hour.

Day two was all about ribbons of rad through the greenroom. Crafting, riding and shooting them—with plenty of good company.

Bright, warm sun lit up the spring colors until thick fog rolled in off the ocean, blanketing the world in grey before closing the curtain and turning out the lights. I awoke in an airport and was soon back at my desk, but it was days before the green faded from my eyes.

Forty-eight hours—what would you do?

Featuring Nelson Monge, Leah Lind-White, and Eva Lind-White.