Photo Gallery: Oklahoma biking – Not as flat as you think

Washing up in the plains of Oklahoma

Photos and words by Dylan H. Brown

In the center of Tornado Alley, where the ground now rumbles because of unknown reasons–some say Fracking, some say nature–are hidden gems. Red-sliver pearls in a sea of green.

They appear magically, as if placed there accidentally. But upon further investigation, this is certainly not the case.

The Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship (OEF), along with various other groups, have razed the soil, raked out the shrubs, and its members have broken their backs creating a network of trails that seem so far out of place that it's simply hard to believe.

In one of the flattest places in the country, a contingency of riders have built a network of trails that even the most jaded of riders can appreciate.


Just like the vines, the singletrack snakes its way through the pines.


Garrin Bratcher proving that Oklahoma biking isn’t as flat as you might think.


Sandstone in Oklahoma? Yes, there are ledges, drops, chutes, spines…


Did that rock just move?


It’s not all oil-fields and spandex in Oklahoma.


Thicker-than-thieves? These guys gettin’ tight in the leaves.


For people who love speed, there’s no reason to shy away from Oklahoma City.


From left, Tommy Duvall, Robert Watson and Garrin Bratcher, all members of the 55-member Team Phoenix.


The midwest is definitely known for its summer storms, but not necessarily its mud.