By Garrett Grove

I had heard faint whispers that the legendary Retallack Lodge (located in the Selkirk Mountains of BC, Canada) had teamed up with well-known trail builder Riley McIntosh to begin the process of opening the famed ski territory for summer time mountain biking. So when an email from one of the Lodge’s trail builders, Kevin Landry, arrived in my inbox inviting me to check out their new mountain bike trails, it was not to be missed.

Landry showed my wife, Bridget, and I around the Lodge’s tenure over the course of 3 days, and it’s clear the area holds tons of promise. There is a completed 2,000-vertical-foot trail right behind the lodge, tons of already established trails and open alpine ridges that just beckon more building. The trails in this area offer vast variety, with everything from singletrack winding through sweeping alpine vistas to well-built berms and bridges through character-building tight, steep forests.