Qualifying for the 6th edition of Chatel Mountain Style took place Saturday, July 7th in Chatel, France, and despite clear skies and sunshine, weather played a major role in how many of the competitors approached the course in their qualifying runs. Unpredictable gusty winds forced top riders to opt out of the biggest drop-in at the top, and instead get creative with the three other start options. Still, with the treat of rain for Sundays finals forecasted the wind was no excuse to hold back when it came time for qualifiers. Brandon Semenuk took risks in his run and was rewarded with top spot followed by Cam Zink and Kyle Strait in second and third position.

Big course. Big mountains.

Wet weather leading up to the event left riders to deal with a few precarious soft spots throughout the course.

The trail crew was hard at work this morning smacking the lips and landings back into shape.

Kelly McGarry finished strong in qualifying ending his day sitting in 4th place.

Hips will always lead to whips. It’s science.

Fresh of his first Bike magazine cover, Graham Agassiz thought it was about time that he had a jersey with his name on the back. A sharpie and little help from a few friends took care of that.

"dude was that a bar hump?"

Cam Zink kicking out a one footed backflip before coming down to earth with one of the wildest landings of the day.

Brandon Semenuk left no doubts as to where he would sit at the end of the day. Top spot in qualifying was punctuated by this stretched no hander over the final jump.