Win-Win: Buy A Pegoretti Help A Child’s Fight Against Cancer

“Hand in hand, pen on steel, outstanding frames.”

Few are as capable of breathing such life into a collection of steel tubes as the one-and-only, Dario Pegoretti. It’s fitting then, that he should choose to use this unmatched ability to help breath life into the chances of children afflicted with cancer.

Battling cancer himself, Dario Pegoretti has collaborated with the students of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design to design three frames, all of which are to be auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting the Olgäle Foundation in Stuttgart.

The auction is scheduled to take place from February 22 to March 3. To see the bikes and bid once the auction goes live, check out the Mano-nella-Mano (Hand-in-Hand—the name the auction’s been given) website. For some more eye-candy and a look at the design process, be sure to peruse the gallery below: