The Faraday Effect

Ed. Note: We were recently reminded of the Faraday Portuer’s upcoming in-the-flesh shipping-to-customers December debut, and fell in love with it all over again--hence our re-posting of this video.

We were relatively outspoken in our praise of the Faraday Porteur, so when this video showed up in our inbox, we were quick to give it a play. We were also quick to remember how the Faraday Porteur is still one of the few electric bikes we’ve ever swooned over. But, that’s not all that much of a surprise--bike designer Adam Vollmer’s original goal was to “produce a truly unique electric bike, one that cyclists can actually love.”

In this mini-documentary, produced by Whole Foods’ online media arm, Dark Rye, Vollmer makes his case for redefining the American commute. Give it a watch.

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