Our #useyourweekend adventure had us wrecked, but not quite ‘shipwrecked.’

Like all great ideas, the one for the #useyourweekend initiative (yes, we’re calling it a great idea) cropped up rather organically—we really just wanted an excuse to get out and do a big, stupid ride. And, to be honest we didn’t know how it would pan out.

But, lo and behold, apparently there are quite a few folks out there that were happy to prove that a little adventure can be just what the doctor ordered. So without further adieu, here’s a look at a brief coss-section of some of the #useyourweekend adventures that popped up on various social media channels over the weekend.


We posted a call to action, you answered.

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Call to Action: #useyourweekend http://www.pavedmag.com/featured/use-your-weekend/Paved magazine
The first #useyourweekend call to action. Be on the lookout for next month’s edition. We won’t tell you which weekend, because advanced planning has a funny way of taking all the ‘adventure’ out of adventure. 
Breakfast of champions. Adventure starts now. #useyourweekend http://vine.co/v/bvMVUmLudTLPaved magazine
The perfect start to a long day in the saddle, in our humble opinion. Johnny can really put the hammer down on those early climbs.
Starting food supply for ride to #santabarbara #useyourweekend #chilly #cycling http://instagr.am/p/Vjqo2qQOpI/Ryan Ung
Ryan Ung knows how to load up a few jersey pockets. 
The coast is clear. Target acquired, all systems go. #useyourweekend @ Scenic Overlook http://instagr.am/p/VjhwJsMj4_/Paved magazine
Ride time. @ryryung #useyourweekend http://instagr.am/p/Vj49WLOnMX/Chris Jackson
Quick lunch stop. #runningbehind #useyourweekend #cyclingchristopher_jack
Get some. #rainerbeer #useyourweekendJason Britton
Happy hour starts early on the coast. #useyourweekend http://www.pavedmag.com/featured/use-your-weekend http://instagr.am/p/VkODWYMj1C/Paved magazine
When on the coast….
It’s funny how the pace starts to pick up when Jim and Jack start trading pulls at the front… #thedevilspaceline #useyourweekendpavedmag
Jeff Kendall-Weed definitely used his weekend…on his Hakkalügi. http://ow.ly/hEDPe #useyourweekend @pavedmagIbis_Cycles
He sure did. 
Still recovering from an awesome weekend of pedaling. Recovery sure is nice! #useyourweekendJeff Kendall-Weed
The average mere mortal would take roughly three months to recover from Jeff’s particular weekend adventure. 
Analog. For our eyes only. #toorad #useyourweekendpavedmag