Theater Thursday

Today’s Theater Thursday selection may have something to do with the fact that a real-life, honest-to-god, espresso machine finally took up residence in the office, but we’d like to spin it off as a much more high-brow selection, based on the intrinsic relationship, nay, veritable covalent bond, between the sport of cycling and coffee. We’ll let you decide which is better.

In either case, this is a damn-fine film from the folks at Stumptown (you may have heard of them, if not do your homework), in PDX (That’s super-secret code for Portland). And while it may have nothing explicitly (other than the Vanilla Bicycles cameo at 2:38…) to do with cycling, we’re going out on a limb here to assume that some you out there like coffee almost as much as you like bikes (and it’s ok if you like coffee more than bikes, sometimes it’s a bit fuzzy, even for us).

Well, enough about nothing, pull a shot, french a press, or do whatever you do to procure your black, liquid goodness, and just enjoy the damn film.


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