The Commentator

Paved Contributing Photographer Brian Vernor is a multi-talented individual. While his stunning images grace the pages of Paved, he is also a talented filmmaker with titles like The Cyclocross Meeting to his credit.

Vernor’s latest project is a collaboration with Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles and others, and will focus on filmmaker Jorgen Leth, the man responsible for the iconic Paris-Roubaix documentary Sunday in Hell.

“It’s not another documentary of the race, but of the story of the race. It’s more about what goes on on the sidelines and the community that creates that environment.” said Vernor. “It’s about Jorgen Leth and the event through his eyes.”

The crew is soliciting funding on Kickstarter, and their project profile can be reached here.

Also, check out the video for a brief preview of the film to come.

From the filmmakers:

In 1976 Danish Filmmaker Jorgen Leth made the legendary sports and cycling film, A Sunday in Hell, about the Paris Roubaix cycling race. It defined a genre and helped put the Paris-Roubaix on the global sporting map. Leth now comments on the race for television.

We plan to follow Leth as he prepares for and comments on the race. We'll be with him from his hotel in Paris until the end of the race at the Roubaix Velodrome. Along the way our team of photographers and filmmakers will shoot footage of the race, crowds and Leth himself caught up in the excitement of sport. We'll capture the intense effort of contemporary pro racers, and will be sure to include stars from cycling's past.

The Commentator will screen all over the world as part of the Bicycle Film Festival programming.

Why are we making this film?

We all have deep respect for Jorgen and are great fans of his work. We've had the idea for this film for a while, but have just this year decided to set things in motion to make it happen.

Everyone on the crew has their own connection to Jorgen, some have worked with him others are friends and still others are great admirers of his work.

A Sunday in Hell changed not just the way sports documentaries are filmed, but the very nature of sports coverage. It painstakingly documents the sometimes-brutal sport of cycling on one if its most historic and challenging courses.

Leth essentially created a blueprint for cycling coverage that lives on to this day.

We take inspiration from Leth's work and hope to discover more about the grueling Paris-Roubaix.