“Thank you _______”

Sure, remembering to tip your bartender will get you far in life (trust us on this one…they also really appreciate Christmas gifts). Randomly telling your significant other “I love you” (and meaning it, of course) can point some serious goodwill in your direction come time for that next weekend Target run when you gather up the courage last-minute to ask if you can excuse yourself for a ride instead.

And, a simple thank-you can also make a stranger’s day. So as you’re watching the final stages of the Amgen Tour of California, remember that it simply wouldn’t happen without the help of volunteers. Even better, should you find yourself lucky enough to watch the race in person, take the time to offer a simple thank-you to a volunteer—then go home and consider signing up to volunteer next year. It’s good for you, and it’s good for cycling and it’s hard to find fault with any of that, now is it?

Making Stage 6 happen. I didn’t ask their names, but they did ask if I would take their picture. Thanks, guys.