Spotlight: Shinola Runwell

While it may not be the Shinola your grandpa grew up shining his shoes with, the name is now alive and well once again, serving as one of the great success stories of the rebirth of Detroit manufacturing. Producing fine bikes and watches right here in the US of A,
Shinola (2.0) has strategically chosen Detroit as the home where their operations represent the first large-scale production of U.S.-made watches in over 40 years. That’s fine and dandy, we certainly love ourselves a nice timepiece, but our interest is really piqued by their bike lineup.

A product of the one and only Sky Yeager and constructed by Waterford Precision Bicycles, the line is being launched in Basel, Switzerland, shortly and to make a splash, a special one-off brass-plated Runwell was created to mark the occasion.

The bike was plated from head-to-toe in brass in Detroit, then given a light patina to ensure the proper “rustic sensibility.” Construction however, took place in Waterford, Wisconsin at the iconic Waterford Precision Bicycles.

Here’s an interesting look into the models offered by Shinola, as well as a rare behind-the-scenes look into the production process at Waterford:

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For more on the bikes, check out

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