Whoever said boredom never led to anything worthwhile was surely content to while it away in front of a wall of drying paint.

However, Shawn White, founder fo Ruckus Composites, a Portland, Oregon-based carbon repair and manufacturing outfit, isn’t that easily contented. And, as the saying goes, idle hands are the devil’s tools.

Enter the C.A.T., or Carbon Access Tool. Born from a stint of boredom, this handy little device offers a svelte and sexy alternative to the trusty, and often cumbersome keychain.

“My girlfriend was out of town and I needed something to do with my hands,” explains White.

Developed to fit a majority of keys, the C.A.T is manufactured in the U.S.A. from lightweight carbon fiber, providing a suave alternative to the keychain or carabiner. As someone with more bike lock keys than any other keys, you can bet this nifty little number will be making its way into my commute lineup as soon as the couch cushions cough up enough change.

C.A.T. (Carbon Access Tool)
ruckuscomp.com / $32.50