Spotlight: Recon Instruments Jet Heads-Up Display

While Google’s Glass has been getting quite a bit of press as of late, the internet behemoth doesn’t completely own the world of wearable computing.

Enter the Recon Instruments Jet. As powerful as an iPad—and nearly as expensive—the Jet Heads-Up display packs quite the technological punch. It’s also made with cyclists in mind.

Featuring a 1 GHz dual-core processor, the Jet offers as much computing power as a smartphone or tablet, enabling it to run a high-definition heads-up display, featuring real-time metrics such as speed, distance and power.

The Jet also features an on-board HD camera, accelerometer and ambient temperature sensor—not to mention a barometric altimeter. Not to leave your current devices in the dust, however, the Jet features WiFi, ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity allowing it to interface with your phone and cycling computer. An array of apps (and an open-source app development software developer kit) already exist for the Jet, but more are sure to come as the Jet hits the market.

The Jet lets riders keep their phones in thier pockets and their hands on the bars by displaying caller ID and text messages hands-free and available at a glance. Athletes can even upload and view information from their social networks direct from Recon Jet during activity, seamlessly and hands free.

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Recon Instruments Jet
$499 (through July 21st, $599 thereafter)/