Coffee. As you know, we're pretty obsessed with the stuff. Like, our little world pretty much comes to a screeching halt without it. Also, we get a little cranky.

The Bicycle Coffee Company is on our team. And yours! Based in Oakland, they hand-roast their beans in small batches. Currently, they're cooking up beans from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

Based on the lovely cup that started our morning here at Interbike, they know their way around a coffee bean. The brew came from beans grown by the Asobagri coffee collective in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Asobagri's mantra is People and Planet Before Profits and the coffee is organically grown and Fair Trade certified. Mostly, it just tastes good.

Fun fact! A coffee bean is essentially a cherry pit. The part we grind up and turn into scrumptious ambrosia is the seed of the coffee fruit. So now you know.

The Bicycle Coffee Company does all their deliveries — rain or shine — by bicycle. According to co-owner Brad Butler, none of the employees own cars. It's all bikes, all the time. Bikes, coffee — these are pretty awesome things in our humble opinion.

If you're in the San Francisco Area, you can roll by Mission Workshop and pay the Bicycle Coffee People a visit. They occupy a shipping container outside the Workshop.