My other car is a bike and my other bike is a beer.

Whether you live in Portland or not, if you take your bikes, beer and/or cyclocrossing seriously, you’ll probably be pleased to know that Rogue Ales & Spirits and Asylum Cycles have partnered to produce a Rogue Team version of Asylum’s Meuse cyclocross bike. The carbon-fiber ‘crosser has been named after the mighty Meuse River, which originates in France, flows through the Walloon region of Belgium, where it’s known as the Mouze, and through the Netherlands, where it is re-named Maas, on its way to the North Sea. Appropriately enough, a disc-brake-equipped, carbon-fiber cyclocross steed can be called a cyclocrosser, a tourer and a commuter—and it will feel as at-home on paved or unpaved adventure rides or on a quick spin to the local public house for a pint of tasty Rogue Juniper Pale Ale as it does between course-marking tape.

The limited-edition, SRAM Force-equipped Meuse Rogue Team whip is scheduled to start shipping in October and will set you back a palatable $2495. Check here for more details.