Portland Design Works Hosts ‘Quicksilver’ Screening to Benefit BTA

We never need much of an excuse to watch (and subsequently post) the the trailer for Quicksilver (also known as the highlight of Kevin Bacon’s film career—and also of sexually charged bicycle gymnastics, but that’s another story), and Portland Design Works’ screening of the film on January 9th to benefit the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Portland, Oregon, is certainly reason enough.

Here’s the aforementioned trailer (replete with potent quotables like: “You’re smart, you have brains, you throw it all away on a goddamn bicycle!”)

Click through for details on the screening.

About the BTA:
The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is a non-profit membership organization working to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon. Since 1990, the BTA has worked in partnership with citizens, businesses, community groups, government agencies, and elected officials to create communities where people can meet their daily transportation needs on a bike.