Words and Photos | Kevin Rouse

Nestled away in the tiny town coastal town of La Selva Beach, California, Calfee Design is home to a wealth of innovation—not to mention a healthy dose of cycling history.

I took the opportunity to stop by Calfee’s ‘World Headquarters’, which is perhaps better described by the much quainter designation of ‘workshop’, several weeks ago. Dropping off a special project for an upcoming issue of Paved, I was in for a bit of a surprise.

Far from your usual corporate office park, Calfee Design is tucked away on a swathe of oceanfront owned by a group of Seventh Day Adventists. Taking on a decidedly unassuming outward appearance, Calfee’s digs certainly bely the multitude of operations going on inside.

But, once inside, it’s hard to picture any other place for Calfee’s material magic to take place.

Take a look at the photo gallery above for a look into Calfee’s day-to-day operations—as I found out, there’s certainly a bevy of them taking place on any given day.