Spotlight: UBC Composites Coren

Sure at around 25,000 euros, the Coren, an urban bike from Formula 1 composite-wizards UBC, may be just a smidge outside of the realm of affordability. But aside from the astronomical price tag, it’s hard not to appreciate the bike’s rather striking form.

The bike’s unique, industrial-looking frame is constructed from T1000 high-modulus carbon fiber, stuff normally reserved for aerospace applications and Formula 1 monocoques and is built around a set of disc-brake hub equipped Enve Composites wheels. Add in finishing bits from Tune, Schmolke and Trickstuff and you can just begin to understand the bike’s price tag.

Available in a fixed, singlespeed, and an electric pedal-assist model, the Coren, predictably, will only be available in limited quantities since “given UBC’s heavy workload of motor racing projects, only a limited number of the high-tech bicycle will be available.”

We’re anticipating that that won’t be too much of a problem, but then again, given 25,000 euros to burn, we could think of plenty of worse ways to spend the money.

Designing the Coren
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