Ferrous Friday: Speedvagen 2013 Lookbook

Sure, by now you’ve probably realized that this isn’t your standard Ferrous Friday post, but the launch of Speedvagen’s 2013 lookbook is reason enough to break from the mold.

A house brand of the famed Vanilla Workshop, Speedvagen is the brainchild of frame builder Sacha White. Offering the custom steel experience in stock size runs (although custom sizing is available for a little extra coin), Speedvagen is a line of “ultralight, über-integrated, cross, road and track racing machines.”

A keen eye will also recognize the salacious-looking steed above from the cover of the Spring issue of Paved.

Check out the lookbook here, but be sure to hand over your credit cards to someone trustworthy before looking too closely however. Speedvagens are well-documented for their ability to open wallets as fast as they cross the local finish line--which is to say really, really fast. Don’t say you haven’t been warned…