Ferrous Friday

Harvey Cycle Works Randonneur

Several of my personal favorites from this year's North American Handmade Bicycle show came from first-year exhibitors. I've already gushed over first-year Josh Culbertson's Avery Cycles runabout, so for this week's Ferrous Friday installment, I present my personal NAHBS 'Best of Show' selection: Kevin Harvey's Harvey Cycle Works Randonneur.

It's not often you see a first-year exhibitor with such an exquisite example of obsessive attention to detail, but then again, it's not often you get a first-year exhibitor whose day job finds them CNC-machining custom parts for Mario Andretti's IndyCar team.

A BMX racer in his early days, and a lifelong mountain-biker, Harvey built this particular bike with the end goal of using it in his 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris attempt.

Featuring a Columbus Spirit tubeset and customized Pascenti lugs, the bike presents a rather classic visage, which is juxtaposed brilliantly with a bevy of technology-packed features, including fully integrated lighting--no small feat considering the frame features S&S couplers for easy transport. This required the use of quick-disconnects for all of the cables and wiring. Also unique, is the bikes use of hydraulic disc brakes. Courtesy of Tektro’s new HyRd hybrid hydraulic brake, which features a hydraulic converter at the caliper, allowing for the use of traditional levers and shifters--not to mention, easy breakdown of the bike thanks to the absence of full-run hydraulic lines.

Taking Harvey around three months to construct, the bike features custom forward-facing dropouts on the beefed-up Reynolds 853 fork blades (to counteract braking forces) which also incorporate an integrated electrical contact for the bike’s Schmidt dynamo hub, making for pain-free front wheel removal.

Clearly, there’s a great deal of attention to detail at work in Harvey’s design process, but remarkably what shows most in the finished product, is a sophisticated simplicity. And to pull that off, takes some serious talent--exactly what prompted my personal “Best of Show” designation (okay, and a hearty soft spot for randonneuring bikes may have helped).