In today’s world of shapely carbon-fiber superbikes, it is easy to overlook the understated beauty of a hand-built steel frameset. But simply look to the perfectly executed welds, exquisite paint job, and the tailor-made stem on this steelman and you’ll see why many steel enthusiast are downright rabid in their devotion to all frames ferrous.

Devoid of bulging and swoopy tube shapes, the character of sucha bike is one of understated elegance rather than brazen (no pun intended) showmanship. Designed for Paved‘s ‘Blacktastic’ Showcase in the Fall issue of Volume Two by builder Brent Steelman, this frame features TIG-welded Columbus XCr stainless steel tubing (in roughly the same diameter as Steelman’s favorite cigars—oversized) and custom paint by Keith Anderson.

“I like to make special bikes for special people,” says Steelman. So, if this is the bike he designed for us, we like to think that must mean we’re pretty damn special.

Thanks again, Brent.