Devinci to Supply Upstartésien Pro Continental Team

Canada’s latest Pro-Continental team,, has just announced that is has obtained its UCI Continental license for the 2012 season. The team will ride Devinci’s top-end, new-for-2012 road frame, the Leo SL.

With an average rider age of 22, the team is one of the younger squads on the circuit, but according to directeur sportif, Stéphane Tremblay this is precisely one of the the team’s goals.

“Our mission is clear, helping young riders to advance in the sport while keeping in mind one simple thing ”having fun”. Cycling, even at a professional level should remain fun. Practicing this sport with high ethics, focus and enjoyment is the key to the success of our organization.”

The team will participate in the UCI America tour for the 2012 season. The official team presentation will take place at the Montreal Bike Show Feb. 18th.